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Renting a car has become fashionable lately, if a few years ago very few knew of the existence of such a service Rent A Car, Numbers today there are people who consider it a good choice as possible. Whether you find yourself in a strange city or do not own a car person, You can be helped at any time such a society. Prices are quite attractive and highly diversified fleet. Whether you are an individual or legal entity will be able to rent without problems.

Car Hire beginnings

Worldwide first such company car rental Bucharest occurred in the years 1910 in Germany, there a few entrepreneurs have thought it a good idea to provide car rental. Today the world is now very well known, we can even say in high demand both in Otopeni airport and the capital. Profile firms as is the case of the plan bring in quite a few options for customer convenience spores every time. The fleet is extremely high, It contains over 100 machinery, range from luxury to the economic, all of which can be rented at rates as can be good every time. If you are a customer of the company, besides cars of the highest quality you will benefit every time and convenience and discounts that can sometimes reach 20 percent. is a company with relevant experience in this field has offices at the airport and the capital, imposes minimum conditions to be met, the driver must have experience at least one year and hold a credit card to pay services. guarantee for car rental Bucharest is one of the smallest on the market, just 100 euro, It is also possible to choose CASCO insurance to relieve you of liability. With us you get guaranteed destination, you will have excellent service from the beginning so choose the perfect transport namely

22when November 2018

Car Hire trends currently

Renting a car has become fashionable lately, if a few years ago very few knew of the existence of such a car rental service, […]
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