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Apart from regular car repairs, a machine must be cleaned and
proper care. Our online store offers a wide range of
Various accessories for cleaning and care of your car. range of
products topautopiese It includes the following:

  • odoriferous. These products are accessories necessary, care
    removes unpleasant odors inside the car
    ● car wash sponges. These sponges are made from a
    special porous material that absorbs water well and are very much
    ● suede. The natural or artificial skin material
    perfect for drying a car again washed. No stain or
    ● brushes with handles. These brushes can handle short or long and you
    It helps to clean even in hard to reach places and remove
    dirt and dust from these places.
    ● an ice scraper,. These accessories are irreplaceable at
    of winter. Ice scrapers to remove ice and helps
    deep snow on your car windows. You should not use
    paint on the surface of the machine.
    ● Microfiber cloths. Since these pads are made of
    highly absorbent material and quick drying, they are very
    suitable for exterior washing and drying machine.
    ● Squeegee Window. These items are rubber blades
    They are similar to windshield wiper blades. these accessories
    Well water and dust removed from the machine. Scrapers that
    correct use will not leave any marks or streaks.
    Polishing and waxing. This will help keep
    an attractive appearance for your car.
    ● Shampoo. These products are designed for washing machines
    under pressure.
    If you want to keep your car clean – visit our store
    online and choose the best auto accessories for your vehicle.
    If you have any questions - ask to our specialists
    experience in customer support service. They know all about
    how to keep your car in the best condition.
23rd September 2019

Car maintenance products

Apart from regular car repairs, a machine must be cleaned and cared for properly. Our online store offers a wide range of different accessories for cleaning […]
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