Rent a car in Otopeni
30th October 2015
Peles Castle
6th November 2015

Henri Coanda

In the year 2004 in May, Otopeni international airport name was changed to Henri Coanda, famous Romanian engineer named after aviation pioneer. It was the first inventor of the jet plane that it was built in 1910. Since then and until today have evolved greatly planes being able to travel great distances and with blazing speed. The plane became the main and the fastest mode of transport used to travel long distances. In Romania, the largest and most important airport in Otopeni from the large number of daily flights and the people who daily sit here, and because it is close to Bucharest which is also the capital. There are in Bucharest and Baneasa airport, which is the oldest airport in Romania and the second largest in the country, But in year 2012 it was closed for low cost airlines, who have moved their flights to Otopeni.
In recent years occurred in Otopeni many companies offering car rental services Otopeni, the large number of tourists visiting Romania and will mobility throughout the holiday, to move freely to any location. Before, many tourists used taxis, or means of transportation to move, Now more and more services were oriented firms car rental in Otopeni, providing both shuttles people from the airport and rental car driverless version. If you want to opt for airport shuttle service and more people you are able to request a car with a higher number of places. If you want to benefit from companies offering services car rental in Otopeni or car rental Bucharest you need to make a booking, or you can do it directly in the rent a car office at the airport. Your movement in Romania will be more rapid and efficient if you choose to rent a car, you can go anywhere you want, and you can solve all the problems. We offer non stop for Otopeni car rental services and for the car rental Bucharest and we can offer cheap prices for rent.

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