Henri Coanda
2when November 2015
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6th November 2015

Peles Castle

Approaching the weekend and we are thinking to get out of the crowded Bucharest, on a trip to the mountains, but still don't know what the Montana region to choose. We recommend you to visit Peles Castle in Sinaia is located and is an important tourist spot. The construction of the castle was completed in 1914, and it was used as a summer residence for the royal house of Romania. Peles is one of the most important historic buildings in Romania due to its unique architectural and historical value is through one of the most important and impressive historical monuments in Europe. It has several rooms that deserve to visit them at the dining halls or the library royal arms. Every year is visited by about Peles 200000 tourists, either in Romania or abroad. Many foreigners who visit the castle use car rental companies and services, to have some mobility during the trip. If they landed in the Otopeni airport there can benefit from car rental companies, which can be rented with or without driver. If you decide to use car rental with driver version, you should know that it can lead to any travel where you want to go.

If you live in Bucharest and do not own a personal car or if you own and it is not equipped with winter tires, solution would be to seek a firm car rental Bucharest where we could choose a car model to make our trip more enjoyable. Once chosen company, we just have to discuss details of the price and the area where the car will be handed over. You can also rent GPS or child seat, if you are accompanied by a minor. If you book in advance the car in Romania by car hire firms or Bucharest rent a car Otopeni, you can benefit from discounts or free rental days. To rent a car at cheap prices book early! Parks firms Otopeni car rental car rental Bucharest and hold many models you can choose.


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