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about cars

Today our society has become increasingly dependent on movement. Thus was born the idea of ​​creating a car, with which people move quickly and just spending time with rudimentary means of transport. The first people who built a car, were the German engineers Daimler and Benz who managed to create a petrol engine, around the years 1890.

From then until today, the auto industry has grown, currently there are around 120 The car brand. Most people living in urban areas, own a car to move quickly either at work or for departure on leave. Those who do not have a means of transportation, may resort to renting a car. The first car rental company appeared in Germany in 1912. From then until today has gained market profile, only in Bucharest there are over 300 de firme de rent a car (car rental). People who want to use the service car rental Bucharest or rent a car Bucharest, They can search the net and there will find plenty of companies willing to eventual collaboration.

Compania Car, It is one of the companies working in the industry since 2008. From then until now, He managed to satisfy a number of 1500 customers. Our services are addressed and foreigners traveling in Romania and want to use our services car rental in Otopeni. Reservations can be made by phone at 0765416139 or site. Those interested in working with us can contact us anytime, Our program is non stop. We also offer car rental services nonstop Bucharest Otopeni car rental and non stop at the cheapest prices on the market to rent a car in Romania.


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