25th September 2020

The best car seat for children or babies how to choose it

How to choose the best car seat for your little one ? Why you should choose the best car seat? Further in the short […]
8th September 2020

Reducereonline.ro the solution for the best products

You need to buy the best products and services , we all know that the vast majority of commerce has moved online, whether we are talking about […]
26th March 2020


SEAT cars produced by Volkswagen Group subsidiary – SEAT S.A. The company was established in 1950 by National Industrial Institute (THIS). The history […]
9th January 2020

With car rental Bucharest quickly and safely to your destination at any time

Romania has become a point of attraction for most foreigners, this market has grown significantly in recent years. So did the […]
21st December 2019

How to take exam allowed in 12 easy steps

To obtain a driving license, Thorough preparation is the most important, but it can become stressful and frustrating, especially when the student begins […]
13th December 2019

How to get the best solution to rent a car Bucharest

Perhaps until now each person was confronted with the necessity of finding a vehicle quickly and efficiently as possible, especially when […]
26th November 2019

Inchirieri-auto-bucuresti1.ro GR

If you need to rent a car you will enjoy guaranteed quality of service from the Inchirieri-auto-bucuresti1.ro Besides […]
16th November 2019

Discount Holidays

Since the approaching winter holidays, that each year as you have used, those from Rent-a-car-otopeni.ro provide you with discounts […]
23rd September 2019

Car maintenance products

Apart from regular car repairs, a machine must be cleaned and cared for properly. Our online store offers a wide range of different accessories for cleaning […]
22when November 2018

Car Hire trends currently

Renting a car has become fashionable lately, if a few years ago very few knew of the existence of such a car rental service, […]
14th October 2018

Choose enjoying car rental Bucharest

Many Romanians who are abroad looking forward to winter holidays rejoins family in the country. As a means of transport by […]
17th June 2018

Choose the right company for car rental in Bucharest

Any specialist advice in car rental services in Bucharest, would be to choose an agency before you informed as possible […]
23rd February 2018

Rent a car Bucharest favorite brands tourists

Every day aroportul Otopeni is crossed by many people, there can be no thousands, each of them arrive in the capital with different […]
7th February 2018

Benefits offer rent a car Bucharest from Rent-a-car-otopeni.ro

Benefits offer rent a car Bucharest that will benefit the www.rent-a-car-otopeni.ro are quite numerous among them are: Freedom of movement – will […]
23rd November 2017

Tourism in Romania and car rental

Authorities became involved greatly in recent years the phenomenon of tourism, Romania must make the most of this great advantage that […]
30th September 2017

Carefully select servicille car rental Bucharest

Perhaps you have already found out how much you have developed in the capital Bucharest car rental businesses. In this segment operates hundreds […]
28th September 2017

Rent a car Bucharest car delivery

Rent a car Bucharest company now delivers cars and locations in Otopeni. S request try to cover increasing existing market […]
26tomorrow th 2017

Rent a car Bucharest opting for quality

In case you wonder what would need to choose to rent a car Bucharest we can say that you will enjoy the […]
25th February 2017

Best offers for rent a car Bucharest

Whatever the purpose of which will cause you to opt for rent a car Bucharest, during this period the company Rent A Car will benefit from Otopeni […]
19th January 2017

Rent a car Bucharest a good way to test a car

Your old car that you have for some years only a priority and want to buy a car last generation model? […]
3rd January 2017

Rent a car Bucharest – discounts for customers

turns Goldenrent 10 years since the market is rent a car Bucharest and comes with special offers for customers who until now have […]
8th December 2016

Rent a car Bucharest – choose a car land

Winter is a wonderful time outside ski holidays in the mountains gives us a lot of opportunities. Ideal air fi sa circulate […]
30th November 2016

Bucharest car rental car reservation holidays

We are in December, as we all know this is the month of presents. Everyone will want this time to stay with family or […]
26th November 2016

Why more people are turning to rent a car Bucharest

When you live in the capital and you need to go quickly to a meeting or do not have the necessary time available in order to circulate […]
23rd November 2016

Development of rent a car Bucharest

Experience over 10 years we have car rental services market, more precisely on the Bucharest Rent a Car and Rent […]
3rd November 2016

Bucharest car rental services market

Bucharest car rental services market has become extremely important in recent years, the continued development of tourism in Romania caused the appearance of many […]
28th October 2016

Rent a car Bucharest – how to choose the economic service

If you are a travel addict, certainly far especially if you went abroad you opted for a rental company […]
21st august 2016

Otopeni car rental cars -rezervari

Due to the large number of tourists landing in Henri Coanda International Airport, It appeared on the market in the capital companies that have specialized services […]
20th April 2016

Rent a car Bucharest and holidays

There are a few weeks will open the summer season, when many people are willing to quit to escape daily stress and a vacation […]
19th February 2016

Vacation rental in Bucharest

Are you among those who love holidays in Romania ? If your answer is affirmative you know for sure you need a means of transport […]
18th February 2016

Availability of a car rental service Bucharest

  Car rental Bucharest Up until the last few years or fifteen years of car rental services in Bucharest not only address a very small number […]
11th February 2016

Where can you rent cars in Bucharest

Car Hire Bucharest As with apartments that are offered for rent, in Bucharest there are people who rents cars, be it […]
8th February 2016

Rent a car for greater mobility

[object Window], [object Window] […]
5th February 2016

Offers car hire in Otopeni airport

[object Window] […]
4th February 2016

Movement careful, when you shoot cars

Article today aims to give some useful advice to clients who use the services of car rental. This information, which we offer you today […]
30th January 2016

Car hire at the airport

Rent a car in Otopeni airport People who regularly use car rental services in Otopeni know that they can be more expensive than […]
29th January 2016

The terms of the contract car hire

Before proceeding to use the services for hire, it would be nice to know in advance what the rules require of the Agency, and what responsibilities and rights do you […]
27th January 2016

Conditions are met, to be able to use the service of car hire in Bucharest (rent a car)

[object Window]. [object Window] […]
27th January 2016

Winter on the hill with a car rental

In Bucharest has become a habit for most people, to go to the end of the week, for two or three days in the mountains. Weather extremely […]
25th January 2016

Car rental in Bucharest

[object Window]? The capital city is a tourist attraction, where you will find a lot of attractions. […]
22and when January 2016

How can you choose the best rooms, car hire in Bucharest

It is likely that this issue is any person who seeks to apply to the company, car hire in Bucharest, it is very important that before […]
20th January 2016

Bmw rental through the Agency Golden car hire in Bucharest

Golden car hire in Bucharest, it is a company car rental with Romanian capital, which has a fleet of cars, models from the range, low cost, as […]
14th January 2016


Starting with 1929, Bmw created the first car model called the Dixi. The success registered was a loud one for them, still the majority […]
14th January 2016

Saves money on services, car hire in Bucharest

Rent car in Bucharest service have become extremely affordable for all people. Anyone interested in renting a car, you must have a driving license […]
14th January 2016

What you should know when you rent a car in Bucharest

Probably what you need for the next trip in the car, so you can move anywhere you want, but a personal car offers you space […]
13th January 2016

Car hire Bucharest for – legal entity

If you exceed the need of owning a personal thing, you could find leasing operations, as an incredible aid to offer your business. Probably ca nu […]
11th January 2016

What you need to know when you rent a car in Bucharest

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6th January 2016

Benefits company car rental Otopeni

  [object Window], [object Window] […]
30th December 2015

Special offers for car rental Bucharest

From the experience gained during the 5 years of work in the service industry for car hire Bucharest, rent car Otopeni, we know very well how a client […]
27th December 2015

Rent- cars Bucharest – the professionalism and high quality

In the service industry, car hire in Bucharest, the most important aspect to take into account customers is il professionalism, the seriousness and quality of the machines […]
3rd December 2015

Rent car in Bucharest

Even if you agencies, car hire in Bucharest some time they are present on the car market in our country, many people still nedumerite about […]
27th November 2015

Rent cars Romania Bucharest airport

Rent a car Romania Bucharest airport Otopeni you are planning a trip to Romania for a couple of months? Bought the tickets and you will be […]
25th November 2015

Book a car Bucharest in December

December is one of the most beautiful periods in the year due to winter holidays. During this period, the majority of people spend with family and those […]
22when November 2015


If you don't race often, still in the interests of business in a foreign country you know about existence of such service as car rental. Recent studies have shown […]
21st November 2015

How to choose a car

If still something years of traveling outside the country for tourism purposes or for looking for work, were not so popular, in the last […]
17th November 2015

Information-about-car hire

If you have the necessary mobility, when you are traveling in a foreign country for business or tourist purposes and you do not want to use the services provided by […]
16th November 2015

Rent-car economical and cheap

Approaching the end of the week, and you are planning to get out of the crowds of Bucharest to the appointment of Montana where you will download the battery and return […]
14th November 2015

Car hire in Romania, Bucharest

Car Rental Romania Bucharest Romania tourists and lands in Otopeni airport must know that renting a car is many advantages to […]
12th November 2015

Car rental by the hour

In America services rent a car is started to allow drivers and car hire for a few hours. This is the procedure, car […]
11th November 2015

Bucharest Otopeni car rental companies

Rent a car in Bucharest If in previous years the car rental services in Bucharest were used mainly by businessmen who traveled quite […]
10th November 2015

Rent a car in Otopeni and Bucharest

Simultaneously with the beginning of the economic crisis in the year 2007 more and more companies have started to use often services firms, car hire in Bucharest, […]
9th November 2015

Cheap car rental in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of our country and an important economic and cultural centre of Romania, being visited daily by a lot of people, should you transit through in the interests of […]
8th November 2015

Car hire in Otopeni airport 1

Otopeni airport there are many companies that offer rental services of cars, many of them have offices to rent at the airport Henri Coanda. [object Window] […]
7th November 2015

Reducing consumption in rented cars

When we drive a car, the interest of each of us, as this is to be in a very good condition and with low consumption […]
6th November 2015

About rent a car

Romania is a member state of the European Union, which has capital Bucharest, and owners share is the largest community. Beyond the number of owners […]
6th November 2015

Peles Castle

Approaching the weekend and we are thinking to get out of the crowded Bucharest, on a trip to the mountains, but still don't know what the Montana region to choose. […]
2when November 2015

Henri Coanda

In the year 2004 in May, Otopeni international airport name was changed to Henri Coanda, famous Romanian engineer named after aviation pioneer. It […]
30th October 2015

Rent a car in Otopeni

December is approaching, and more and more of the Romans has disappeared beyond the country prepare their guilt on vacation to Romania and spend the holidays together […]
21st October 2015

Rental Locations

Is to travel to Romania and want to rent a cheap car? We offer the most effective solution for car rental in Romania, such that […]
15th October 2015

Leasing operational

In recent years in Romania, more people have given up personal car, most of the time it was very expensive at that […]
14th October 2015

How to choose the best option for rent ?

If you do not own a personal car or if you are going to travel to a destination outside the country and need to travel many kilometers, the optimal solution […]
8th October 2015

Rental in Bucharest

Rent a car Bucharest Otopeni car rental services are provided by specialized companies, which often hold in its fleet […]
6th October 2015

Rent cheap car in Bucharest airport

Cheap car rental in Bucharest airport With the passing of the summer car rental firms began to have offers from increasingly tempting […]
2when October 2015

Logan hire Bucharest

Starting with the year 1999 Dacia is part of Renault, and car production in Romania was assisted by engineers from France. Dacia Logan […]
1st October 2015

Advantages rented cars

Most often only personal car is a necessity as in previous years, for many people, this represents an additional cost to the budget on a monthly basis […]
26th September 2015

What we leave on vacation

Transport is the main factor for your holidays. Today we talk about the means of transport suitable for a much needed vacation. Most of us know how it go […]
25th September 2015

Car hire Bucharest

Bucharest became a tourist attraction with the entry of Romania into the European Union. Since then, the number of those who visit the capital city has grown quite a lot […]
23rd September 2015

Car hire or car rental Otopeni

Probably any inhabitant of Bucharest aware of the existence of services such as rent a car, they became known to the public in the last decade. First […]
20th September 2015

Car rental Bucharest

If you are thinking to go on holiday or wish to travel for work and do not own a personal car, or the one you […]
14th September 2015

Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport car rental

You want to travel in Romania and you need a car? We offer an efficient solution: [object Window]. If […]
12th September 2015

Cars in Bucharest in rent

Golden Autorent offers you car rental in Bucharest and Otopeni airport, whatever time you order the car in rental, [object Window] […]
9th September 2015

Long Term Car Rentals

With the economic crisis more and more companies have tried to cut costs, whether we are talking about cutbacks or reductions in logistics. If […]
7th September 2015


The best way to vacation is vacation. When we feel tired or under stress, we need evadam everyday life and see the schedule is loaded […]
6th September 2015

Rights customers car rental

Tourism has developed significantly along with the expanding borders of the European Union. so and car rental services have become increasingly sought. In member States […]
4th September 2015

Electrical machines Bucharest / Electric cars Bucharest

Electric cars represent the latest creative generation in the field of automobiles, created to save nature from pollution. In most countries, very […]
1St-September 2015

about cars

Today our society has become increasingly dependent on movement. Thus was born the idea of ​​creating a car, people […]


In the blog section we offer you the newest stories and information related to the field inchirierilor auto . We axam to inform customers who use the services of rent a car Bucharest and those car rental in Otopeni airport . We are trying to improve the quality of services car rental available and we offer you the possibility to place on blog to approve comments and opinions , regarding the procedure of car rental in Bucharest and Otopeni . [object Window] rent a car Bucharest.

I was constantly trying it we offer benefits for customers, and as much as possible), regarding the signing of the contract . Those who collaborated are still with us, got special offers and services, car rental, Bucharest cheap. In addition we offer our availability Desk, and replacing the car in case of emergency. Costs you afisam on the web site are those you will pay for when to take the car. In accordance with your wishes we can offer you the car with a tank made , also you can contact us around the clock for any issue related to rent a car. All the time someone available and ready indrume you in choosing the best solutions and the most effective rent car in Bucharest.

Return- warranty

Will be back, guarantee in the moment when you handed over the car.

The fee for the airport

this free, you don't aveqa don't pay anything.

Insurance included

Rca, hull and rovigneta included in the price.

Booking is free of charge

You can book online or by phone car, the payment is made in that moment, when arrived at the airport.

Km-unlimited mileage

We are one of the few companies car rental Bucharest rent a car Otopeni airport that offers you the possibility to travel without restrictions km and not pay additional fees.


We offer gps and place the child in accordance with your wishes.


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