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Logan hire Bucharest

Logan hire Bucharest

Starting with the year 1999 Dacia is part of Renault, and car production in Romania was assisted by engineers from France. Dacia Logan is a car produced in factories in Romania, and the production and marketing of the model began the year 2004. From appearance until now have been sold is estimated that over 500.000 Logan models in Romania. The success is because it is a car that does not require excessive costs in terms of maintenance, and the purchase price is quite affordable. Is the model of car that was sold pretty well abroad, so the Mioveni plant has become known abroad. In Romania authorities have encouraged people to buy this model car scrappage program, it was possible to bring the car in remat and in return receive a discount voucher to buy a new car. Logan can be found both in diesel and petrol. The purchase price varies depending on the options fitted to the car.

Loganul acquired and taxi firms, and firms rent a car, thanks to the numerous requests received from clients. Most companies that offer services Car rentals in Bucharest hold many such models in fleet. Price per day for renting Logan starts at 18-19 euros and can reach 25-30 depending on the period for which it is requested car. Customer advantage is the fact that this car can be rented at low prices, and the warranty is lower than in the case of a lease other car models. It is an ideal car for long trips due to fuel consumption average. If you landed in Otopeni airport and you want to rent a car cheap, you can contact us by phone 0765416139. Logan for rent in Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport in Otopeni in the Best Deals. If you want to drive a logan in your trip in Romania, not hesitate to use our services car rental by using the services offered by our Agency. rent a car Bucharest. In order to use the service logan rental Bucharest or Otopeni please contact us.

logan rental Bucharest

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