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Car hire Bucharest

Car hire Bucharest

Bucharest became a tourist attraction with the entry of Romania into the European Union. Since then, the number of those who visit the capital grew long enough, every year in Bucharest are millions of people who are traveling for tourism purposes or for business interests. Purpose tourist attraction, provided the capital is very much among them, we will remind, the people's house, circle military national army, the hotel Manuk and the arc de Triomphe. Although for a long time Bucharest has undergone many disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and fires, he remained as beautiful as ever. It would be a waste to get to Bucharest and not visit all the sights of the capital. In order not to lose time by means of classical transport or metro, we offer to rent a car that offers you the flexibility and the possibility of long-term travel where you want. Most of the firms that offer the car rental service in Bucharest collaborating with firms that can advise you in the choice of tourist trips. Golden Autorent offers recommendations in relation to the services car rental in Bucharest and Otopeni airport, car hire with chauffeur for transfer to and from Otopeni airport. In a situation where you want to visit Bucharest for tourism purposes and you're group 6 7 people, we offer you the vehicle 8 plush 1 you can rent with or without driver from us.

Indrumam will visit the Arc de Triomphe, a sight which was built in 1878 parade tupelor the Roman people in the war for independence. Because it was built from materials of poor quality it was not damaged during, and in the year 1922 was restored to the parade of the forces of the Roman people from the first world war.

Arch of Triumph

The people's house is very solid construction the second largest after the Pentagon, was built between the years 1984 and 1989. The idea of construction of this remarkable building-apartinu Latest Nicholas who wanted full drive the reconstruction of the City after the devastating earthquake that occurred in the year 1977. Currently in the building there is a Bureau of the chamber of deputies and the Bureau of the Senate of Romania.

space needle

If you decide to visit places in Bucharest, which I described to you, and you want to travel with the car hire solution you offer we, depending on the money that you have for the car. We offer a wide range of cars to hire in Bucharest airport Henri Coanda in the settlement of Otopeni. For booking please go to our page contact.

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