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Car hire or car rental Otopeni

Car hire or car rental Otopeni

Probably any inhabitant of Bucharest aware of the existence of services such as rent a car, they became known to the public in the last decade. The first company with this specific activity was called rent a car and opened its first offices in Otopeni airport in Bucharest. From then until today in Romania there are around 350 such companies that offer their services car rental at prices that vary depending on car class and year of manufacture of the car.

Most companies operating in this area own fleet that ranges from four or five cars to several hundred, such as the multinationals have opened outlets in Romania. The main sources which promotes car rental services are specialized sites and media means in case of big players. Prolific period for these companies is the high season, when the number of orders compared to the rest of the year doubles. For those who want to rent a car-term higher 30 of days, can negotiate the price may reach 15 euro per day, which means very cheap price in this industry. For long periods, you can negotiate the price guarantee, which usually starts at 150 euros and can reach up to 500 euros if the range luxury cars or compact. It is also possible car rental without warranty if you decide to pay an additional fee representing accident insurance. Additional charges are applied for those who rent cars at the airport, most often they pay airport tax and vehicle handover and takeover. In this type of lease, usually you wait Arrivals at Otopeni airport by a representative of the company rent a car and accompanied it to the car, where the sign and the car rental contract. After drawing formalities and after paying taxes, Get in the car and start your journey.

More people are turning to this type of service, because most times it is cheaper than a taxi race. Additionally, it offers more mobile and can travel as you want without having to have a limited number of kilometers or paying extra kms race as if by taxi. Often the services of these companies resort and legal persons reduce their maintenance costs of a fleet manager or personnel specially engaged. This type of service provided by legal persons rent a car firms called operating lease, and it may vary during several months to several years. This type of rent is advantageous both in financial terms, and in terms of the fact that the serviceability deals rent a car company. We hope that this article is addressed especially to customers who use the services of rent a car Bucharest and those of car rental in Otopeni to be useful in choosing a car that meets your needs. We address mainly customers who choose to drive a cheap car available to you through our special offers to rent a car Bucharest or rent a car Otopeni Airport at cheaper prices.

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