Car rental in Otopeni without warranty for customers who have used a second time in our company's car rental service Bucharest. We are trying fidelizam customers who use our services for car rental in Bucharest and Otopeni airport, giving them discounts.

Online via the order form on the website

After you made the order on our website, you will receive e-banks with arms, with. Bookings will be confirmed on the class of vehicle for which you made the request. If you want, fill the form of calculation, the banks with the hands, it will automatically send the invoice and the total cost including the cost of the warranty. If you wish to contact us by phone, the representative will receive your order. Once you have done these steps, we can only send it to our e-pots with hands, photographs, ID and driver's license.

Terms and conditions

At that moment, when you get a car, you must sign a mandatory contract car rental and introduce yourself in the original driver's license and identification document. [object Window] (in the situation when the permissions on this new year you will be charged. 5 Euro per rental day).

Car rental in Bucharest, may not be expelled beyond the limits of national roads. Do not use the car on the road unpaved and forest roads. The cost of possible damages on such roads will be borne entirely by the client by withholding a portion of warranty as applicable.

The price for rented cars from Atlass Automotive rent a car Bucharest included all costs, (taxes), you don't have to pay than the cost of a days rental and warranty.

To rent a car from Atlass Automotive, clients must meet the conditions, the minimum age:

-minimum age to drive a car 21 for years (under this is the age of the driver will have to pay an additional fee in the amount of 10 euro per day).

-to have a driving license for at least a year.

Payment methods:

Payment is made in cash when receiving the car at the airport or Otopeni rent car in Bucharest. If you book in advance the car, you will enjoy cheap rates at the dates indicated.

Delivery and pick-up of the car:

[object Window].

Free regardless of your arrival time in airport or for training in Bucharest. If you landed in Otopeni and choose to work with our agency, representative can expect arrivals terminal, the contract will be signed directly in airport.

Warranty for a car:

For the hire charge representing warranty. The value of a guarantee varies depending on the type of car that you rent. Your Deposit is fully refundable when car, if the car is not damaged (scratch, lack of caps, cracked windshield etc.…) products your fault. In a time when teaching vehicle by a representative of our company, you will realize together with you the technical condition of the vehicle, and possible problems will be mentioned in the contract of employment. To avoid unpleasant situations we recommend to photograph the car from teaching if it shows visible damage.

Documents in original required at the reception of the car:

-identity card in original.

-driver's license.

-a plane ticket for people who rent a car from the Henri Coanda airport of Otopeni. Flight ticket will be required to verify the exact time at which you land at the airport to be expected on time.

The crossing-border:

-strictly prohibited from leaving the country without the consent of the representatives of our society.

Rental prices:

-those available on the order form each machine separately, no hidden costs. Rates may increase at certain times of the year.

-in the cost of rental includes all taxes (Insurance, the cost of Parking at the airport, fee for washing cars) and insurance that you need to be able to travel on public roads in Romania.

Violation of rules-in-use:

-the client is directly responsible for complying with all rules of operation, including taxes, Parking or other fees, additional, are not included in the category, fees, mandatory.

-speeding, regulating the responsibility of the customer, any fines received from police radar in a period when the car was in your, will be sent to the customer, who has violated the rules of operation in the period leading car rental.

For the entire period of rental from Otopeni airport in Bucharest or you will receive round the clock support from our side you can contact us no matter the problems that will arise, we offer around the clock through our service, the nurse Agency rent a car Otopeni.

We have partners several firms to hire, with whom we cooperate, to be able to provide the customer with the best deals in rental cars.


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