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Cars in Bucharest in rent

Cars in Bucharest in rent

Golden Autorent offers you car rental in Bucharest and Otopeni airport, whatever time you order the car in rental, because our programs work around the clock, and vehicle delivery for free. We are among the firms hire who offer cheap service and a car rental without warranty at an affordable price. You can rent a luxurious car model at our Agency offers different models or if the budget will not allow you to choose a car, low cost. If you need Gps you can provide for free to have a trip without problems, as the chair for children is included in the price.

Tips before signing the contract for rental cars:

The price you discussed with the supplier of rental vehicles must include all taxes and fees car, among them to transfer the insurance and rovigneta.

Read the contract carefully before signing and check to see what conditions it contains.

Check the technical condition of the car that you will rent, if shows scratches to ask the provider their mark in both leases.

If you are involved in evenimwnt road, immediately the organization from which you rented the car, and to fill out the insurance by agreement with the person who was involved unless there are victims, if there is a victim should report it to the police. If the accident is the fault of your product at a decrease deductible, the lower you will be stopped by company car rental.

For information related to the services rent a car Bucharest or rent a car Otopeni contact us by phone 0765416139 and we will support in choosing a car suitable for your rental needs.



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