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car rental

We find the best deals on rental cars. We provide car hire at the airport and Bucharest Otopeni.

26th March 2020


SEAT cars produced by Volkswagen Group subsidiary – SEAT S.A. The company was established in 1950 by National Industrial Institute (THIS). The history […]
9th January 2020

With car rental Bucharest quickly and safely to your destination at any time

Romania has become a point of attraction for most foreigners, this market has grown significantly in recent years. So did the […]
21st December 2019

How to take exam allowed in 12 easy steps

To obtain a driving license, Thorough preparation is the most important, but it can become stressful and frustrating, especially when the student begins […]
13th December 2019

How to get the best solution to rent a car Bucharest

Perhaps until now each person was confronted with the necessity of finding a vehicle quickly and efficiently as possible, especially when […]
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