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car rental

We find the best deals on rental cars. We provide car hire at the airport and Bucharest Otopeni.

20th April 2016

Rent a car Bucharest and holidays

There are a few weeks will open the summer season, when many people are willing to quit to escape daily stress and a vacation […]
18th February 2016

Availability of a car rental service Bucharest

  Car rental Bucharest Up until the last few years or fifteen years of car rental services in Bucharest not only address a very small number […]
29th January 2016

The terms of the contract car hire

Before proceeding to use the services for hire, it would be nice to know in advance what the rules require of the Agency, and what responsibilities and rights do you […]
27th January 2016

Winter on the hill with a car rental

In Bucharest has become a habit for most people, to go to the end of the week, for two or three days in the mountains. Weather extremely […]
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