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car rental

We find the best deals on rental cars. We provide car hire at the airport and Bucharest Otopeni.

22and when January 2016

How can you choose the best rooms, car hire in Bucharest

It is likely that this issue is any person who seeks to apply to the company, car hire in Bucharest, it is very important that before […]
14th January 2016


Starting with 1929, Bmw created the first car model called the Dixi. The success registered was a loud one for them, still the majority […]
11th January 2016

What you need to know when you rent a car in Bucharest

  [object Window], [object Window] […]
3rd December 2015

Rent car in Bucharest

Even if you agencies, car hire in Bucharest some time they are present on the car market in our country, many people still nedumerite about […]
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