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car rental

We find the best deals on rental cars. We provide car hire at the airport and Bucharest Otopeni.

25th November 2015

Book a car Bucharest in December

December is one of the most beautiful periods in the year due to winter holidays. During this period, the majority of people spend with family and those […]
6th November 2015

About rent a car

Romania is a member state of the European Union, which has capital Bucharest, and owners share is the largest community. Beyond the number of owners […]
6th November 2015

Peles Castle

Approaching the weekend and we are thinking to get out of the crowded Bucharest, on a trip to the mountains, but still don't know what the Montana region to choose. […]
26th September 2015

What we leave on vacation

Transport is the main factor for your holidays. Today we talk about the means of transport suitable for a much needed vacation. Most of us know how it go […]
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