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Rent a car for greater mobility

Rent a car for greater mobility

Car hire in Otopeni

We all know how closely this is Bucharest, and as a result traditional means of public transport, how much time we can lose if we travel with them. If we land at the airport Otopeni, we can pay quite a lot for racing taxi, in support of the trip without loss of time, comes our company Rent a car Otopeni which offers more mobility during the trip. Will explain in this article, so it is recommended to use our services for hire straight from the airport, and what are the benefits of effective cooperation with our company that offers you the services of car rental Otopeni. Always offer competitive prices and the machines are in very good condition. In the price included all fees, including insurance for travelers on all national roads in Romania. The Agency's proposal Rent a car Otopeni designed for people who want to rent cars in the range of luxurious and economical cars in the range of low cost. Advantage in services car rental Otopeni is that in our fleet is ready in the immediate vicinity of the airport Henri Coanda. In the moment when you made the order through the contact form an existing site, you will be the first in the next hours reply from our side about the booking details and the cars that are available to us in the period stated. In order to receive the best offers in the area of the car in Otopeni, we recommend ordering in advance, thus, we can provide discounts, which can reach 20 percent of the total cost. To be able to cooperate with our Agency. Otopeni car rental, you must have an age of at least twenty-one years, we can provide services, and those under that age, but the cost to hire will increase by ten Euro per day. In addition, the conditions, the age entered, you need to make a proof of the existence of personal credit card, if you will provide our customers the opportunity to pay for the services in cash. Pick up and return the car free of charge at the airport Otopeni, if you land during working hours our Agency Otopeni car rental. Driving license is also mandatory, if you don't have a driver's license, we can offer you transfer to / from the airport provided by our Agency. Price per day car rental with a driver, it 40 per day. This amount to include rental car and pay the driver. For further details and information about the services offered by our company, you can go to the page that lists the terms of the lease, for booking complete the computer price, and there you will display cars and the cost of rent depending on the period you stated. Other details related to the services rent Masini you can call us on the number displayed on the website in the contact section.

Rent a car Otopeni

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