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Rental in Bucharest

Rental in Bucharest

Car hire Bucharest Otopeni

Services rent a car They are provided by specialized companies, which often hold in a range of own park car rental. Car rental process is quite simple, the conditions imposed by most businesses are following: The minimum age to have 21 for years, have a valid driver's license. If these minimum conditions are met, you may request a car hire. The payment for the rent a car is most often in euro at the rate set by the National Bank of Romania. You can pay cash or by card depending on the conditions imposed by the company that leased car. Profile market in Romania, especially one in Bucharest is full of companies that offer car rental services. Most times these companies offers for rent cars that are properly equipped and insured RCA and CASCO. All you need to know is that before leaving with the car rental company headquarters, you have to sign a contract and pay a guarantee, which will be fully retained in an accident your fault. When the returned car rental company, you should know that this must be clean, but if the training was done with a full tank, you should bring. Crossing the border with a rented car is prohibited most firms hire.

Throughout the rent a car, you will be responsible for everything that happens with car, the speeding regulations, as well as the payment of taxes, Parking in different places. In case the company car rental receives a fine radar, the period in which you had rented car, you should know that the police will get your contact details and auto contract, and responsibility and paying the fine you will bear in full. Our advice, his movements careful and regulated, so neither you nor other road users will not suffer. Speed ​​is legal must be respected according to the sliding roads, and the seatbelt should always wear a, so you will not be fined by the police and you will be protected in case of a road accident. If you were involved in an accident, which was spent your fault you should know that you are fully responsible, and the car rental company assumes no responsibility, extra guarantee will be retained under the service contract. Our advice is when you rent a car to drive cautiously, thus, in order to avoid accidents on the roads. We hope that this article will be useful for you and apply with confidence in our services rent a car Bucharest Otopeni, we promise to offer the cheapest services car rental from Bucharest, and special offers for car rentals future. You can contact us by phone at 0765416139.

rent a car Bucharest Otopeni

Car rental

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