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What we leave on vacation

What we leave on vacation

Transport is the main factor for your holidays. Today we talk about the means of transport suitable for a much needed vacation. Most know how it is to go on vacation on your own with a personal car, which enable us to where we want we move. Personal car gives you comfort, you can freely move to any tourist attraction like, you can stop where you like. If we decide to travel many kilometers, personal car can be a disadvantage because of the high number of kilometers you have to go through them and the high cost of purchasing fuel.

The plane is the next means of transport that you recommend it to use it, This has the advantage that you can move quickly and get to your destination faster. It is the safest and fastest means of transport, But to a certain tourist destination costs can be quite high. If we choose this type of transport, we can choose when we arrived at destination, for car rental, which will give us the possibility of visiting several tourist destinations. All we did then when we want to use the services of rent a car is it read carefully the terms and conditions of hire, and we calculate budget. Also very important it is to check the total cost of the guarantee which can vary from 200 the euro 1000.


Coach is the next means of transport that can go on vacations, advantage of this means of transport is the cost that is much lower than transport by plane or car rental services than. But this means of transport is the disadvantage that lasts long enough to reach our destination and we can not stop where we want, We are conditioned by itinerary driver. Once there, You are again conditioned by lack of means of transport with which to move freely. And this solution would be to call on the services of a firm of car rental. If you do not know the area in which you chose to travel, solution would be to request a gps, or choose services rent a car with driver. If you are accompanied by a minor child, it would be better to inquire the road laws in the country you've traveled, the possibility that legislation to compel the use of child car seat. You must also check the validity of documents that we teach car rental company and the number of kilometers which you can browse for the day. Many companies rent a car, extra charge for exceeding a certain number of kilometers. Ask whether your rented car It will be delivered with a full tank and what are the conditions of teaching. Carefully use the machine on which you rented it, any problem created your fault, can lead to total loss of warranty, it would be ideal to drive cautiously.

If you decided to go sightseeing in Romania and have landed in Otopeni, or you want to leave Bucharest the mountains or the sea we offer solutions in the field of rent a car Bucharest Otopeni. For tourists from abroad, who want to use our services for car rental We also offer free assistance in choosing a tourist destination in Romania and cheap prices for online bookings. All you have to do if you want to collaborate with us in the rent a car Otopeni airport in Bucharest or, It is to fill in the contact form on site, or contact us by phone. We guarantee transparency and fairness signing the contract regarding the rental. For more information feel free to contact us anytime you want.


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