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Rights customers car rental

Rights customers car rental

Tourism has developed significantly along with the expanding borders of the European Union. so and car rental services have become increasingly sought. In member states of the Union it is estimated that last year alone were signed over 20 million rental contracts. Growing demand for this service more and more companies have abused the naivety customers, practicing hidden costs. The European Commission were recorded increasingly more complaints about abuses profile companies. So they introduced some pretty good rules governing the rights of clients and conducting activities rent a car. Among the conditions placed by the Union enumerate:

-more transparency in online bookings.

-clear information on the rental.

-listing all charges in the lease.

For example, a rental company stops guarantee 500 euro when signing contract. Handing this car present some minor zgarueturi, not worth more than 150 euro, But the return of the car that person had the unpleasant surprise to the entire amount of money withheld. That company and motivated customer that the contract was stipulated that if the car that shows a fault, the full amount will be deduced. Such abusive practices found amongst the majority of offers car rental Bucharest CHEAP. Therefore as well as when a company or rent a car Bucharest Otopeni offers us at very cheap prices, We put a question mark on the quality of services.

Our recommendation when you call such a service is next:

-carefully check the vehicle brand

-technical state at the time of takeover

-Payment method

-conditions on age and seniority client license

-pickup and delivery conditions of the car and any costs

-the rental price of the car

-given that you can cancel or change your reservation

We hope the above information to be helpful and try our services by rent a car Bucharest. We offer the same transparency and locations car rental Otopeni airport.




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